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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Cards

A couple of months ago my friend Melodie asked me to design a wedding card as one of our club projects. I found 3 different versions on YouTube and cased all of them.I just couldn't resist as they were so stinkin' cute!
 This 1st one came from a valentine card made by vadeler. That is her YouTube channel and I believe her name is Valita. Thank you Valita!
These 2 were inspired by both vadeler and StampinJill. StampinJill (again, this is her YouTube channel) has a wonderful tutorial on how to make these embossed silk skirts! Love it! There are so many talented crafters online. I am inspired by almost every one of them!
 They all turned out so cute that I let Melodie pick which one she wanted to learn. This is the one she picked...
So that is one of the projects learned that month for club.

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginger <3

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